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    Adam Gets Loud(Adam Clarke), is a dynamic singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Growing up between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, Adam discovered his passion for songwriting and performing during his high school years, which ignited his musical journey.

    Adam draws from a diverse range of influences, taking cues from artists such as Chris Cornell, Thom Yorke, Damien Rice, and Sohn, and genres including rock, folk, electronic, jazz, and R&B.

    While extremely comfortable and happy playing covers with just a mic and an acoustic guitar, Adam's always challenging himself creatively in his songwriting. He strives to blend his classical vocal training and love of technology to create something unique and engaging, incorporating elements of electronic music with electric guitar, infusing his sound with dynamic synths and innovative effects. This fusion of styles results in an auditory experience that captivates audiences and sets him apart as a versatile and multi-dimensional artist.

    In March 2024, Adam made his solo debut with the release of his single "Final Time", captivating audiences with his powerful vocals and introspective lyrics. His live performances have taken him to renowned venues such as The Cameron House, The Horseshoe Tavern, and Nathan Phillips Square, where his dynamic stage presence and raw emotion leave a lasting impact.

    Adam's music is characterized by its emotional depth, often exploring themes of failed relationships, limerence, and miscommunication with vivid imagery and relatable storytelling. With a penchant for cathartic expression, his songs resonate with listeners on a personal level.

    Beyond his music career, Adam is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the Toronto music scene. With a passion for community building, he actively participates in initiatives aimed at empowering emerging musicians and fostering collaboration. As a software developer, Adam channels his innovative spirit into creating tools designed to elevate artists in the early to mid stages of their careers. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, Adam's commitment to the growth and vibrancy of the Toronto music community shines through in all his endeavors.

    Currently, Adam is working on an EP with his previous band 12 Shot Tiger, while also gearing up for the release of new solo singles, upcoming shows with his band Chaos Euphonic as well as Atusa, and co-hosting the Music City North Open Mics at The Dive Shop. Adam Gets Loud is driven by his love for music and his dedication to empowering emerging musicians, both on stage and behind the scenes.